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Kids Feeding Program

On Saturdays we strive to feed the children in our area with a fresh made meal. By working with several local churches we are able to provide meals at a low cost per serving. Many of these same children return for church services with the Church next to the feeding program and invite their families to join as well. 


Homeless outreach

Many people in Honduras struggle just to make it month to month. With the cost of living increasing, it becomes impossible for some to sustain housing. We strive to feed the homeless with meals just to remind them that they are not forgotten and that God is not done with them. 



Bible School and Studies

The people of Honduras are often eager to seek the truth of God, but due to the multitude of missionaries and denominations present, there can be confusion about what is truly rooted in scripture. Our mission is to reveal the biblical truths that are directly from scripture, providing a solid foundation in faith, prayer, holiness and more.


Gospel Crusades

In addition to our humanitarian efforts, we are always anchored in the central focus - Jesus. Throughout the year, we conduct multiple gospel crusades across the nation, where we preach on salvation, healing, and deliverance, providing a beacon of hope to those in need.

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